Elevator design for existing buildings to fit shaft spaces which are irregular or complex is one of our specialties.

We have designed and installed many non-standard elevators for all kind of jobs and conditions.

EMS can offer a wide range of elevator design solutions for adapting our elevators to shaft spaces with reduced shallow headroom, pit or unusual dimensions.

When architects, property owners, or consultants are considering the installation of a new elevator in an existing building, doubts often arise about what elevator size would be possible and what size would be best suited to the job.

Many buildings were not designed to include vertical transportation in their interior, and simply do not have the necessary space available. Sometimes there is space available, but of extremely restricted dimensions, hard to access or presenting particularly difficult installation problems – complex elevator shaft configurations, awkward beam and wall placements, suspended pits and so on.

Our engineering team undertakes an extensive study of each project within an existing shaft so as to provide our clients with an accurate and straightforward guide to the best available elevator solution.

Complete removal of existing elevator with new product installed without any major civil works.


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