We offer a 10 step process beginning with your request for information through to handing over the completed product. We work with property developers and architects throughout Sydney and provide a seamless elevator installation service from project brief to installation and beyond.

Whether you require a 100kg or 30,000kg elevator, EMS Elevator Group can meet your individual brief.

We have a current understanding of the latest technologies and processes ensuring a better quality elevator installation and reduced installation time. All elevators are supplied and installed to current Australian Standards.


Our Silens-Pro elevators are a high performance machine-roomless elevator specially designed to handle a range of environments from heavy loads, such as in airports, shopping centres, industrial premises and hotels through to lighter traffic such as residential apartments, and also where space restrictions are a factor.

Gearless Motors of the Latest Generation

The Silens-Pro range is equipped with a powerful and highly advanced permanent-magnet gearless drive system capable of lifting up to 4000kg. Our motors are environmentally friendly, quiet, and characterised by their reliability, durability and high degree of energy efficiency. These motors require no lubrication and use no oils.

Sturdier & Lighter

Our elevators are extremely robust. The mechanical components are produced in special high strength steel, making them both light and hard-wearing at the same time. This reduces the weight of the entire lift system, as well as significantly extending its useful life.

Lift Cars Built to Last

Our elevator cars come in a wide range of hardwearing and long-lasting materials, including plastic laminates and stainless steel in a variety of finishes. The sturdiness of our cars can be further boosted by the installation of aluminum flooring, buffer rails, and kick plates, according to your requirements.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Buildings in the commercial sector are noted for their high operating costs and expensive energy bills. Our elevators deliver major savings in a building’s energy consumption and financial costs.  Office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, and hotel are all buildings with high levels of traffic which require highly efficient vertical transport solutions. The Silens-Pro carries out thousands of trips every year, transporting passengers with proven efficiency, precision, security and reliability. A high-performance elevator specially designed for a demanding market sector.

Uniquely Comfortable Ride

The Silens-Pro Vanguard® has a 2:1 roping ratio and a Centre or a rucksack car frame. Its Centre suspension, combined with the Direct Approach System, delivers a supremely comfortable ride and optimum passenger travel efficiency.

Direct Approach System

The Direct Approach System – for the first time included as standard across the entire Silens-Pro range – allows the control unit to calculate the optimum elevator travel speed curve according to the distance remaining to the selected destination. This eliminates the delays typical of previous systems as the elevator car approaches landings, and represents a major step forward in passenger comfort and technological excellence.

EcoSaver System

With the optional EcoSaver System, the motor itself becomes a power generator when the elevator car is going up empty or with few passengers and when it is going down heavily loaded. EcoSaver® efficiently stores this energy, prevents its loss as heat and feeds it back into the building’s power supply network. Energy savings can rise to as much as 50% of the elevator system’s total power consumption.

Capacity – kg: 300-630

Speed – m/s: 1

Entry Options: Single Through Corner

Max Travel: 60 meters

Capacity – kg: 630-4000

Speed – m/s: 1 or 1.6

Entry Options: Single Through Corner

Max Travel: 60 meters

Capacity – kg: 1300-4000

Speed – m/s: 1.0 to 1.6

Entry Options: Single Through

Max Travel: 60 meters



When it comes to the building industry and property market, we understand time is money – deadlines are real and delays can become costly. As a local Sydney elevator company, EMS Elevator Group can deliver your project on time and within budget and we are experienced with liaising with property developers, architects, property managers and facilities managers.


We are committed to innovative and sustainable elevator solutions. The trend toward eco-minded elevator installations is increasing with developers experiencing the benefits of sustainable materials in their projects.


We understand the local legislation and building regulations to ensure we provide you with a compliant elevator solution that is safe and reliable.


We’re committed to proactive, preventative elevator maintenance to ensure a reliable and safe elevator. We are Australian owned and operated and unlike a lot of foreign owned companies, we retain our market base in NSW.


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